Westport CERT







The mission of the Westport Community Emergency Response Team (CERT),

a division of the Emergency Management Directorate, is to serve Westport, and provide a

way for members to serve their community by supporting the local emergency service agencies

in disaster, crisis and emergency response, and by promoting safety education, emergency and

disaster preparedness.


In all activities, the safety of CERT members is the first priority. Westport CERT provided excellent

support at the Westport Emergency Shelters during Storms Irene and Hurricane Sandy. Information

about the upcoming 2014 CERT Basic Training Class will be provided soon.


The CERT BASIC TRAINING Class on Emergency Preparedness includes topics such as First Aid,

CPR, AED, Disaster Preparedness, Medical Operations, Emergency Shelters, Fire Safety,

Search and Rescue and Disaster Scenarios. Join us and be better prepared to help yourself, your family,

friends and neighbors.


 Preparing Your Household Emergency Plan

Are you ready? Would you like to be better prepared when the next storm, electrical outage, or other

emergency strikes? Westport CERT holds seminars on “Preparing Your Household Emergency Plan”. 

You will learn about sheltering in place, preparing to evacuate, planning for children, those with special

needs, and pets; stocking up and maintaining supplies, what to do for your home business, computer data

backup, communications with family, including your extended family, working with your neighbors, and how

to maintain and review your plan on a regular basis.


If you are interested in attending, please register by calling (203) 226-0780 or send an

email to info@WestportCERT.org   


Westport CERT is now on Twitter.  

We will be posting meeting, training and events notices, as well as preparedness informatio that may

be of interest to the community.  Follow us @WestportCERT.


 ** For more information about CERT, call (203) 226-0780 or end an email to info@WestportCERT.org **


Click here to download CERT Training Flyer


Updated: 04.31.2014